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Zeta - Streaming Potential / Streaming Current Technique

Zeta potential is used to understand and control surface charges of wafers, filtration membranes, flat surfaces, fibers and large particles.


Dedicated to large particles above 50 microns, flat surfaces, filtration membranes and silicon wafers

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  • Measuring ranges: ± 2000mV, ± 240µA
  • Differential pressure: 0 - 500 mbar


  • The ZetaCad is a specially designed, automated instrument for measuring Zeta Potential using the streaming potential technique.
  • Applicable to particles above 50µm in diameter, fibers and flat surfaces, the technique is very reliable and simple to set up.
  • The measurement and rinsing of the system is fully automated, using a menu driven Windows® based software.
  • Applications: large particles above 50µm, filtration membranes, silicon wafers, flotation, geology, pulp & paper industry, adhesion properties, flat surface studies, self leveling concrete.


Streaming Potential Measurement

  • An electrolyte is forced to pass through a capillary or porous plug by pressure gradient.
  • The excess charges around the particles or wall are carried along by the liquid.
  • The measured potential across the capillary is called Streaming Potential.


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